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Felipe Soltero



Born and raised in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut I have spent over 24 years learning, creating, mastering and earning a living from the craft of custom art.


I've expanded my artistic versatility by earning a bachelors degree in commercial art at The Connecticut Institute of Art in Greenwich CT. Here I was taught a numerous amount of media applications, styles and techniques.


As I've sharpened my skills throughout the years I have included the use of the airbrush to allow me the ability to render my creations on an infinite array of surfaces.


I am currently accepting commissioned work and will be exhibiting in the near future. Use my contact links or add me on Facebook to stay up to date on future events.


My Services Include: Fine art paintings, Portrait comissions, Mural Art design and aplication, Automotive Art and Face n Body Art.


I take pride in using only the best in paint products and have an unrelenting devotion to always create quality work.

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